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Bluffing the Bluffer, But Damn It, I Got There!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Feb 19, 2014


You must comprehend and correctly apply semibluffing if you aspire to be a winning poker player. Semibluffing is betting an improvable hand with cards to come that is probably not the best hand, but has outs to become the best hand and wouldn’t warrant a value bet based strictly on its current value. The additional value of the potential “fold equity” of the semibluff swings the wager’s value from negative to positive. Of course, it’s a risk versus reward proposition. The propensity of your opponent(s) to fold, the negative expected value (EV) cost of the bet versus the size of the reward (the pot), and the negative or positive ways in which your betting or raising will affect the price of your draw are all components that need to be evaluated in determining whether the semibluff is the correct play for the current situation. I was winning a little in ...

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