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Keep Your ‘One Time’ In Perspective

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Dec 11, 2013


An unusual incident occurred while I was playing at the Commerce Casino earlier this year. A player — whom I didn’t know by name but recognized from having played with him at the same table a few times — looked down and announced that there was a $1,000 chip on the floor and wanted to know if anyone had lost it. I had that alarmed feeling and quickly reached into my pocket to see if I had three $1,000 chips in it; sure enough I was missing one of my $1,000 chips. “It’s mine,” I claimed and the player tossed the chip to me. I was feeling a bit awkward since anyone could have claimed the chip and I really wanted him to know I was telling the truth. I think I said something like, “Thanks so much for being so honest. The chip must have fallen out of my ...

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