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The Most Important Things I Know

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Nov 13, 2013


Wow, that was some stinky bad poker those guys were playing last night. Even as I crushed them, my heart went out to them, because their heads were just not in the right place. It astounds me, in a way, how the fundamentals of poker still elude those who play the game every day. I’m not talking about pot odds or how to run a squeeze, chum. I’m talking about a basic mental approach to the game. I’m talking about crucial stuff like this… If you can’t be right, be loud. Announce your bets and raises — and even your folds and checks — in a loud, self-assured voice. Do this for two reasons: First, if you announce all your actions with confidence, you will ultimately acquire confidence as well. This is the Buddhist concept of “right action, right mind.” Take the action you wish to take, in the way ...

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