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Men of Action: Wyatt Earp

by Justin Marchand |  Published: Oct 02, 2013


Gambler. Saloon-keeper. Faro banker. Boxing referee. Policeman. Pimp. Sheriff. The man-legend Hollywood crafted in reams of movies and TV shows reinvented himself over and over as he moved from one dusty boomtown to the next. Aspen. Bodie. Denver. Dodge City. Goldfield. Gunnison. Prescott. San Francisco. Tombstone. As these cities grew, so did the number of gambling saloon operators looking to relieve fistfuls of dollars from a population of men rotating in and out of the backwoods, mineshafts, and cattle trails. In all these cities, Wyatt Earp was there, hustling as a faro table banker, providing muscle for bordellos and shooting dead cowboys who crossed him. Wherever Earp traveled, vice and violence followed him, defined him, and infested him until his last years, years spent as an unpaid film consultant trying to convince Hollywood biographers and directors to tell favorable tales about his unfavorable life. Range Life Born in Monmouth, Illinois ...

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