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How to Beat Those Pesky Loose ReRaisers (Or How To Be So Pesky!)

by Reid Young |  Published: Oct 02, 2013


Preflop reraising has evolved along with the public understanding of poker. Now that even recreational players realize the factors to consider when facing a three bet (a preflop reraise), it’s time to revamp your preflop strategy. This article is about getting you ahead of the curve, again. The four main factors to consider when facing a preflop raise are stack size, polarity of range(s) of any involved player, (reverse) implied odds, and postflop tendencies. A comprehensive look into all of these topics would take scores of articles, so when rhetorical questions are posed or high-level problems are enumerated, I invite you to take them as an impetus for further work on your own game. Stack size is probably the single most important variable in determining preflop play. The range one uses to reraise a 200 big blind-stacked under-the-gun (UTG) raiser from the cutoff should be quite different than the range ...

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