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Head Games: Big Blind Strategies in Cash Games

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 02, 2013


The Pros: David Randall, Jean-Robert Bellande, Simon Dahms, and Aaron Jones Craig Tapscott: How wide do you defend the big blind (BB) in cash games? Perhaps share some examples. David Randall: My cash game experience mostly consists of playing $2-$5 no-limit hold’em live in Vegas. In these games, I defend the BB very wide because I feel I have an immense edge over my opponents postflop. My range is approximately (in a vacuum) suited broadways (that I don’t three-bet), any pair (that I don’t three-bet), any suited connector, any suited one-gapper, and even suited two-gappers. One of my main arguments for defending the blind this wide is that there are a number of flops that I don’t hit super hard that I am still willing to continue with. At $2-$5, I would approximate that 95 percent of the players at this limit play their hands face up, so it is not difficult to ...

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