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How To Call Down With Eight-High

by Matt Matros |  Published: Jun 12, 2013


Time and time again in my poker career, I find myself thinking back to a hand that happened long ago — a hand I didn’t even play. This hand made me realize that just about anything was possible at the poker table, that a smart player could break any and every rule of conventional wisdom. Sure, the hand happened during modern poker’s infancy, when the bad players were truly abysmal, and sure, it happened in a limit hold’em cash game, a format that lends itself to bizarre calls, but that it happened at all remains remarkable (and instructive). On a board of A Q Q K 2, my friend and poker mentor Russell Rosenblum called a bet with 8-7 offsuit…and it was good. When a bad player does this, we laugh. When a good player does it, it takes our breath away. I tell my students to pay attention to ...

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