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My Most Memorable Hand of Poker

by Linda Johnson |  Published: May 01, 2013


I think most poker players have a particular poker hand that is burned into their minds forever. Mine happened during the World Poker Tour invitational event at Commerce Casino two years ago. More than 500 people had entered the tournament and we were down to the final 45 remaining players at the time this hand occurred. I had been running good and playing well. I was the chipleader at the time. The tournament’s second chipleader — a well-known pro who I’ll call Player A — was at my table and had been very aggressive, raising more than one-third of the hands he was dealt. The blinds were 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante, and I was in the big blind. I had about 700,000 and Player A had about 650,000. Player A open-raised to 15,000 from middle position. It was folded to me and I looked down at the 6-2 of ...

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