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Open-Faced Chinese Poker: Heads-up vs. Four-Handed

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Apr 17, 2013


As an avid game player, I love when a new game comes out. With open-faced Chinese poker (OFCP) being the new kid on the poker block, I’ve tried my hardest to get plenty of playing experience as quickly as possible. There is a certain pride (and, of course, serious profit) in figuring out winning strategies before others do. It’s also just as profitable to find the flaws in other players’ strategies and to exploit them as much as possible. I’d say the biggest flaw in certain opponents is when they try to play OFCP too much like standard Chinese poker (SCP). They are obviously two extremely different games. If you fail to adjust your game to account for foul hands, position, or bonuses, you will probably take a financial beating. And, of course, OFCP has drastically different hand values than SCP, which need to be learned as quickly as possible. ...

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