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Three Tips To Keep Your Sanity

by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 17, 2013


Poker is an infuriating, frustrating game. Consistent progress is impossible. Even the best players take two steps forward, three steps back, and then another step and a half forward and wonder why they feel so exhausted when they’ve barely gotten anywhere. As I write this article, I mark the ten year anniversary of quitting my last job. That’s a full decade for me in the sink-or-swim world of poker. Over the years, I’ve developed some tactics to keep my sanity as I continue to persist in the clutches of this often insane game. Today I have three tips to share with you. As Soon As You Think To Quit, Quit There comes a time in every poker session where that thought first enters my head, “Maybe I should just quit for today.” I now obey that thought virtually without exception. I don’t try to play through it. I just quit. ...

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