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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Apr 17, 2013


February 22 – In tight games you should raise smaller preflop with value hands to keep people in. 3x or even 2x induces blinds to call. As you get more comfortable playing post flop in no-limit hold’em cash games you start to realize that you do not mind people calling your raises when you hold strong hands.  I actually want to see multiple callers when I raise with a hand like A-A because I feel like I am going to make the right types of decisions after the flop. Oftentimes you will see players raise their premium hands to some absurd amount preflop — like something like ten times — because they are scared to play after the flop and because they do not want to take a bad beat. If you find yourself falling into the category of this type of player, you have to start to realize how much ...

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