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Stay Young, Play Poker

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 17, 2012


David Sklansky and I wrote “Poker Is Good For You” in 2009. It was widely discussed, and we were invited to speak at Harvard Law School. David couldn’t go, but I shared a panel with Jim McManus and Mike Sexton. We wrote that poker can improve study habits, math understanding, logical thinking, concentration, patience, discipline, a long-term focus, realism, adjusting to diverse people, handling losses, depersonalizing conflicts, planning, focusing on the most important subjects, applying probability theory, conducting risk-reward analyses, and getting into people’s heads. These qualities help everyone, but poker can also do something wonderful for older players: It can actually delay some nasty symptoms of aging. That’s why the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks sponsors poker classes for seniors by George Epstein, author of The Greatest Book of Poker for Winners and The Poker Algorithm. Older people often worry about aging. We see so many people ...

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