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Mixed-Game Strategies

by Matt Glantz |  Published: Jun 13, 2012


Q: Limit Hold’em – Are non-suited connectors actually playable for value, or can you only play them profitably in limit if you are going to be able to bluff and semi-bluff some percentage of the time? If they are, what do the conditions roughly need to be, like, a multiway pot, defending from the blind, etcetera? A: In limit hold’em, you are generally trying to just make a pair. Unlike in no-limit hold’em, where you can get value from straights and flushes, you are most likely not going to receive the necessary payoff in limit hold’em on later streets to make playing low or mid non-suited connectors profitable. High card hands such as J-T, Q-J and K-Q are non-suited connectors that you can play for value, but in these starting hands you are still just trying to make a pair. If you happen to make a straight or a flush ...

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