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Head Games: Should I Go Crazy During the Rebuy Period of Tournaments? It All Depends.

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 13, 2012


Craig Tapscott: What’s the best advice for the rebuy period of play in tournaments? You see some players go crazy and shipping it all-in with any two cards during live or online events to build a stack. And many others are just playing premium hands. What’s the best way to approach this period?

James Campbell: Your table dynamics determine the proper way to play the rebuy period. If I have a table that likes to gamble then it can be a lot of fun and I enjoy mixing it up with everyone else. Back in 2006, 2007 you were able to build monster stacks in the rebuy period online because the games were good, everyone else was bad. So if you were able to build a big stack during the rebuy period and you could continue to put pressure on people throughout the tournament, it was a huge advantage. Nowadays I think the rebuy periods have changed a lot and everyone is much tighter. So if you play the rebuys crazy it’s going to end up costing you too much money to maintain a decent ROI. I still like to gamble in the low and mid-stakes rebuys, because I think there is a significant edge against those fields. Sometimes I might gamble a bit more towards the end of the rebuy period in order to accumulate some chips.

Steve Barshak: The rebuy period is a very interesting time in poker where you can really accumulate a ton of chips if you play it the right way. The best way to approach it is to really figure out how ‘gambly’ people are playing at your table. That can dictate how often you should be all-in; the more ‘gambly’ your table the more often you should be all-in. If you have a really tight table, going all-in is usually going to feel very unnecessary in many spots. You really just always have to make sure you have a comfortable amount of money in your account so you can just rebuy how much you “need/want”. It’s good to play a wider range of cards during the rebuy period and try to build a stack, which makes logical sense since you can buy more chips if you lose. The goal during the rebuy period is accumulate, accumulate, accumulate. Always remember though that if you don’t come out of the rebuy period with heaps, its OK, as your stack will still be quite deep after the rebuy period is over. So it’s not the end of the world. If you are playing rebuys though you must be more than willing to get it in during the rebuy period, no matter if it’s an $11 rebuy or a $1,000 rebuy.

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