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It’s a Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jun 13, 2012


Roy CookeIt was a week I’d like to forget, but it is ingrained in my brain. An exceptionally fast action tourist had come to town and was shooting up the $40-80 limit hold’em games at the Bellagio. Straddling, capping and playing virtually every hand were all part of his repertoire. Chips were racing around the table. Hit a few hands and a month’s equity could be yours in a couple of hours. Conversely, run cold and you’ll have some serious making up to do when the live one leaves town. Me, I ran cold as ice and could only watch in horror as my chips went to Mr. Fast-Action or got dispersed around the table. I had my worst weekly loss of my poker life.

All poker players go through such downhill slides, though at the time it always seems like we are the recipients of the unluckiest poker run in history. Surviving the “test of time” requires much more than just knowing how to play. You also have to be able to consistently actualize good play through the trials and tribulations that poker will bestow upon you. Many bright, knowledgeable individuals can’t win at poker because they mentally and emotionally unravel when the cards crush them. Possessing the mental toughness to mentally manage yourself is an absolute requirement to survive poker’s test of time.

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