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Flopping Two Pair

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Apr 18, 2012


While attending a weeklong regional bridge tournament in Biloxi (Mississippi Gulf Coast), I took a day off from bridge and played in both of the two daily poker tournaments at the Beau Rivage – starting at noon and at 6:00 PM. Three times during that day I flopped two pair. I noticed that there was an obvious good lesson suggested. Shortly after the noon tournament had started, in five-way action, I called in late position with 10-9 suited. The flop came the 9 10 3. It went several checks and a three-times blind bet in front of me. I chose to simply call and await further callers and developments. I was essentially trapping and expected to make my big move on the next round. There was one other caller. The turn card was the Q. Since both a straight and a flush were now possible, I regretted not having made ...

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