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Playing Deep

by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 18, 2012


Most Las Vegas cardrooms now allow deep buy-ins to their no-limit games at the $2-$5 level and up. The typical maximum buy-in at $2-$5 is $1,000 (with one room I know of allowing $1,500). For a guy like me, the deep buy-ins are terrific. Lots of wealthy recreational players buy in for the max because, hey, why not? And many recreational players of lesser means will win a few hundred and all of a sudden have a deep stack. With a high buy-in cap, I can just buy in to cover and start playing deep with these guys from hand one. For most everyone who plays these games, however, the deep buy-ins are pretty harsh. Deep-stacked strategy is, by and large, a complete mystery to nearly all of my opponents. Even when they have $1,500 on the table in a $2-$5 game, they still approach every hand the same way ...

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