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Borgata and Stud Tips

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 28, 2011


Since the demise of online poker in the United States, which will hopefully be temporary, I have started to play more live poker. Since I was back East, I traveled to the Borgata on several recent weekends. I can certainly recommend it. The poker room is large and comfortable. They try to accommodate the players. Mabel Louie, a poker host, is very responsive to requests for room or other reservations. Higher limit players are often comped, especially on weeknights. They have recently started spreading mixed games. The exact mix and the stakes are left to the players: both a $75-$150 and $300-$600 game were usually running when I was there. The dealers are new to some of these games, but are learning quickly. For those of you who like stud, they spread regular seven card stud games, usually $75-$150. In recent years, regular stud games have become increasingly difficult to ...

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