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Understanding Your Image

by Ed Miller |  Published: Dec 28, 2011


Image is everything. OK, not really. But when you play live no-limit hold’em, your image strongly affects how your opponents make decisions against you. I’ve noticed when I talk to other live players that most of them have little understanding of their image and how it affects others. Last issue I wrote about dressing to play poker. Of course how you dress is just a small component of your image. A much larger component of image comes from the results of recent hands. Players often relate hands to me. “OK, Ed,” they say, “a guy limped and I raised Q-J in the cutoff.” I stop them and ask about their image. “I dunno,” they usually say. “I guess I looked TAG.” TAG, an acronym for tight-aggressive player, is not an image. If you think your image at a live no-limit hold’em is tight or loose, or aggressive or passive, you’re ...

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