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Head Games: Elio Fox, Carter King and Frank Calo

Dramatically Improve your Game Away from the Table

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 28, 2011


Craig Tapscott: In the early part of your career, what were a few of the key things you focused on away from the table to improve your game? Elio Fox: When I first started playing poker, I was determined to read everything I was able to get my hands on. I read all three Harrington on Hold’em books, The Theory of Poker, Super System, and seven or eight other poker books. While I think for the most part most poker books are very outdated, it was an important stepping stone in my learning process. I think Theory of Poker, due to its math-based nature, probably is the only book that has segments that will always stay relevant. I then began to obsessively read the high stakes tournament forum on the website 2 + 2. I read the forum for one to two hours everyday and eventually had read every single ...

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