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Flopping the Nuts!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Nov 16, 2011


I’ve said it a million times before! And I’m going to say it to you again. The recurring sum of volume bet times edge will equal expectation. Over time, as luck becomes neutralized, expectation will equal your earn, positive or negative. Understanding that concept is fundamental to playing poker well. Most poker players analyze their play based on the actual dollar amounts. They ponder and talk endlessly about winning an extra bet or losing an extra bet, even though those thoughts are conceptually incorrect. Knowledgeable gamblers think about gambling situations by quantifying the value of their bets in terms of the expectation of those wagers. And while it may appear to you that you made or lost a bet, you really didn’t. What you won or lost was the expectation on that wager. Obviously, bets your opponent makes against you when he was drawing slim or dead have more value ...

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