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LAG Play in PLO: Playing After the Flop

Playing after the flop with the pre-flop initiative and the positional advantage.

by Jeff Hwang |  Published: Nov 16, 2011


Note: What follows is an edited excerpt from Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Vol. II: LAG Play. Post-flop play is essentially identical regardless of pre-flop playing approach; the only real difference between post-flop play using a LAG-heavy pre-flop playing approach (opening fire on the blinds, attacking limpers in position, and 3-betting in position) vs. a small ball-heavy approach (flat-calling and limping more often in position and playing a pot-control game) is that you will be playing with the pre-flop initiative more often when you take a more LAG-heavy approach. This, in turn, means that you will probably be checking behind more often when taking a LAG-heavy approach than a small ball-heavy approach. Here’s the basic situation: You open with a raise before the flop from the button, and only the big blind calls. The stack to pot ratio (SPR) > 8, so this is a deep-stack scenario where there are three legitimate ...

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