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Anagram Time Again

Anagram Time Again

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Oct 19, 2011


It’s been quite awhile since I devoted a column to discovering the hidden meanings of poker players’ names, esoteric gems of insight buried in alphabetic code deep inside their anagrams. I needn’t remind you, I suppose, that an anagram is a rescrambling of a word’s letters, such that poker tournament, for example, equals remake nut pronto. You might remember some of the classics of bygone days: Dan Harrington (Grant Ironhand); Allen Cunningham (he all cunning, man): Annie Duke (a nude Nike). But there’s a new generation of poker players on the scene these days, and it’s time that some of them (plus a few overlooked oldies) got the ol’ JV anagram treatment. Thus I declare that it’s anagram time again (mine, a ragtag mania). Hang on, folks; this could get silly. I start with an easy one, Brain Rast. That’s brain rats, right? Those friendly mental creatures that help you ...

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