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Dirty Wally Leaves the Poker Scene … Holding Four Aces in His Hand

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Jul 13, 2011


The poker world was deprived of a lot of color with the departure of the one and only Dirty Wally, who passed away recently at the age of 91 while still going as strong as ever. He went out the way that he (and, I suppose, all poker players) would have wanted to go … right after winning a hand with four aces. Did he really have quad bullets? Well, as with everything else about Wally, the answer is yes, no, maybe. The four aces were on the board in a hold’em tournament and Wally won the pot with just jack high, so let’s give him credit for the hand. At any rate, at my suggestion, he was buried holding the aces, which I know would have made him happy. It happened at the Hustler Casino. After winning the pot, Wally froze and wouldn’t release his cards, even insisting that ...

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