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Hand 2 Hand Combat: James Hudson

Plays a Monster Hand in a Tricky Fashion and Ends Up in a Tough Spot Against an Aggressive Opponent

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 24, 2011


Craig Tapscott: How familiar are you with the villain? James “IRunLucky” Hudson: I have played only a small amount with this villain, and neither one of us knows much about each other’s game. I know that he’s a winner at $3-$6 and $5-$10, which will influence my thought process. When someone is a big winner at the medium stakes, you can generally make the assumption that he can read hands well and will exert maximum pressure on you if you look like you have a weak range. This general read on my opponent will be a big factor in how I choose to play this hand post-flop. The villain raises to $18 from the small blind. IRunLucky reraises to $60 from the big blind with the A♣ A♠. The villain calls. CT: What could the villain be holding if he calls in this spot instead of four-betting? JH: Almost everyone ...

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