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Look Out: Pat Walsh

Look Out: Pat Walsh

by Ryan Lucchesi |  Published: May 24, 2011


Pat Walsh won his first major-tournament title when he topped the field in The Big Event $10,000 bounty shootout at The Bicycle Casino in March. He took home $251,700 from a hard-fought final table that ran through the night and into the next morning. “There were a lot of big pots and people playing aggressively. It was kind of a winner-take-all tournament, so you really couldn’t just sit back and hope to move up. Final-table play went into the next morning, so it was really a battle to try to stay awake and keep your energy level up,” said Walsh. Walsh is no stranger to the tournament trail; he has traveled its path for the last couple of years, focusing primarily on cash games while jumping into main events when they appear on the schedule. He also is no stranger to televised final tables, as he finished fifth in the ...

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