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Music of Chance

by David Downing |  Published: Jul 01, 2009


One of the amazing things about online poker is that it has made tournament play profitable for a lot of players. What, you are no doubt asking, about the live guys? Surely they are making great money too? Errrr, no. Most of them are backed, either by poker sites or other players. Many scrape along, with such massive “make-up” to achieve when they hit their big score that it almost becomes perpetually playing for free on a subsistence lifestyle. (Make-up is the common term for the money you owe your backer for buy in’s and expenses, before you hit profit. It’s the costs you need to “make-up” to him to get into the black.) They are in action to give action. Of course, if you win the “big one”, or something of that size, then you can be made for life. And if you are an excellent attractor of lightning, ...

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