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Capture the Flag: David Grey

by Kristy Arnett |  Published: Jul 01, 2009


David Grey is the definition of the consummate pro. He’s been playing professionally for about two decades, and has competed in the biggest live cash games around. He also was a member of the famous “Corporation,” a group of players who put their bankrolls together to play billionaire banker Andy Beal in heads-up games. Kristy Arnett: How did you get your start playing cash games? David Grey: I used to bet the horses for a living, and through the whole gambling scene — racetracks, bowling alleys, pool halls, and sports betting — I was eventually led to poker. But poker wasn’t my main thing by any stretch of the imagination when I moved out here [Las Vegas] in ’84, as I was still betting horses. I started playing seven-card stud at Caesars Palace in 1985. That was the only game they played there. I started playing $15-$30, and I never ...

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