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Sports Desk

|  Published: Jul 01, 2009


by Aodhan Elder The Lions Tour The reward for a season of putting your head between other men’s legs, being wrestled, man-handled, and at times enduring what looks like a minor sexual assault is a deferring of your summer holidays and more of the same. And it’s an honour. In the professional era, the British and Irish Lions may look like an antiquated frivolity with little in the way of logic, but it’s that lack of logic which also provides the charm. Understanding the prestige and the purpose of the Lions goes a long way to figuring out how they will do against the reigning world champions, South Africa. First and foremost, the Lions are a losing team. They are the perpetual underdogs. Every four years they engage in a self constructed adversity. If it was all about the winning, they would have hung up their boarding passes years ago, ...

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