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Show Them Some Trash

And a gold mine for insomniacs

by Roy West |  Published: May 26, 2009


Hi. Come on in. Simple food today — hot Reuben sandwiches with my own special touches. Chow down while we speak of our beloved game of poker. Most players have a list of hands with which they will enter a pot. They probably don’t have an actual “list,” but they generally know which hands they are going to play. In actuality, many players, limit or no-limit, play “by the seat of their pants,” without considering position. Most of these players will start with any pair, any ace, any king, any queen, any jack, any connected cards, any suited cards, or whatever feels right at the moment! You, as a knowledgeable and skillful player, have many fewer starting hands. This means that you are not playing very much. You look like a rock. So, now and then, when you’re in late position and there has been no raise, you should play ...

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