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A Memorable Hand

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: May 19, 2009


Sometimes after a poker session lasting several hours and containing thousands of hands, I will be hard-pressed to remember a single memorable hand. But there are some hands in which I remember every detail, even after years have gone past. This is one of those hands. It is also one of the hands I often recount to my students, as I think there are several lessons to be learned from it. It was played in the Fitzwilliam Casino in Dublin. The game was €1/€2 pot-limit hold’em. I had bought in for €400 and had built my stack up to around €1000. The worst player at the table was conveniently to my immediate right. He had about €800 in front of him, having gotten lucky a couple of times when he had the worst of it. The rest of the table contained one or two tight good players and then a ...

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