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Capture the Flag: Niman Kenkre

by Kristy Arnett |  Published: May 19, 2009


Niman Kenkre is a 36-year-old professional cash-game player who turned $25 into millions. After scoring 1580 on his SAT, he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to obtain a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Penn State. Despite having a high-paying job at MIT, his income from playing part-time online poker quickly overshadowed his salary, and he quit his job to pursue poker in 2006. Kenkre plays under the alias “Samoleus,” and is well-known for his analytical approach to the game. Kristy Arnett: How did you get started playing cash games? Niman Kenkre: I started playing poker in some home games with some friends, and I was the typical bad player, playing loose and passive poker at first. I just watched some of the winners and learned to play fundamentally. Then, I started playing on Planet Poker way back in the day. The ...

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