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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Ludovic Lacay

Ludovic “Cutsss” Lacay Discusses Important Concepts in an EPT Hand Analysis

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: May 19, 2009


Event: EPT Monte Carlo 2008 Players: 842 First Place: €8,420,000 Stacks: Ludovic Lacay: 22,000 Villain: 19,000 Blinds: 100/200 Rebecca McAdam: Can you set the scene? Ludovic Lacay: My opponent is pretty loose/bad, a little bit aggressive. I’ve been running over the table and I’m leading so far with about 22k-ish. We started with 15k. I’m on the button with 10-9 off-suit. One guy limps under the gun and I decide to isolate him (he’s limping alot and I want the pot to be heads up). So I raise to 600. The small blind who is a really tight swedish guy calls, and big folds. Limper calls, three to the flop. RM: Were you afraid of what this Swedish guy has since he is tight? LL: Well he looked smart tight. So I think he knows I’m isolating here. RM: What were u putting him on? LL: He would probably three-bet ...

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