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CPPT VII - DeepStack Championship Poker Series

$5,000 CPPT Main Event No-Limit Hold'em $2 Million GTD


Chris Klodnicki Doubles Through Andrey Pateychuk

Chris Klodnicki moved all in for 310,000 from middle position and Andrey Pateychuk called out of the big blind. Klodnicki showed A6 and was in the lead against Pateychuk’s A5. The board came A93K2 and ...

The F-Bomb, and the All-In Rule

Opinions on an existing rule, and the need for a new rule

by Mike O Malley |  Published: Nov 01, 2005


The first poker rule ever to be written up in a national newspaper was given the hip-hop name "F-Bomb." A story on the first page of USA Today discussed the success of the 2005 World Series of Poker,

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