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Ask Chip and Karina

by Chip and Karina Jett |  Published: Jan 14, 2005

Q: Your schedule involves a lot of traveling. Do you enjoy it?
Karina: I've had to really cut down my traveling since having my baby. But it's nice because we were traveling way too much.
Chip: I have been on the road so much over the past few years that when I do get a week off and am able to spend it at home with my family, it feels like the best vacation imaginable. Since the birth of our daughter the time away from home has gotten tougher and tougher.
Q: Whom are the players you admire most?
Karina: I would have to say the more crafty players, such as Carlos Mortensen and Chip Jett. I can still read Chip sometimes.
Chip: I really admire players who find unconventional ways to win. Kenna James for his chip-gathering skills and table presence. Jim Miller for being able to change gears to fit any situation. Harley Hall for being the best short-stack player alive and having the ability to always maintain the Zen outlook. Layne Flack for pushing all boundaries to the limit, at all times, no exceptions. Ted Forrest for his ability to come through in the clutch and never get rattled.
Q: Do you think family members should be allowed to sit at the same tournament table?
Karina: I'm very torn on this issue. I think it is unfair to have family members play at the same table, because the extra scrutiny their play will receive can cause situations, which is bad. On the other hand, I like to keep the randomness offered by table draws intact, and when they move Chip from my table, they usually replace him with someone who can actually play, so it hurts me in the long run.
Chip: Family members should not be allowed at the same table under any circumstances. I don't think it alters my play, but I find it hard to establish a tough table image when I'm constantly saying "Yes, dear!" "Sorry, honey!" and "Please don't hurt me, Karina!"