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PPA’s Message On Barney Frank’s Poker Bill -- ‘Get Ready’

PPA Executive Director Predicts February Committee Vote


A preliminary vote to regulate the online poker industry could happen next month.“Get ready.”

That was part of the message John Pappas relayed to poker players in a new video posted on the Poker Players Alliance website. Pappas, the executive director of the PPA, told members that they could expect to see Rep. Barney Frank’s poker bill up for a committee vote as early as next month.

“We expect within a few short weeks, most likely in the month of February, there will be a committee vote on this legislation,” said Pappas. “This is a very critical and important for vote for the Poker Players Alliance, as well as the poker community, and we need everyone to step up and make sure that their voices are heard.”

Pappas is encouraging poker players to contact their members of Congress and let them know their stance on the Frank’s bill, which would explicitly legalize and regulate online poker in the U.S.

“This will be the first time — ever — that there will be a vote on licensing and regulation of Internet poker and Internet gaming in general,” said Pappas. “We need bi-partisan support, and we need your help in achieving that. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing more from us about things you can to do to alert your members of Congress about this important committee vote and why they should vote in support of HR 2267, so get ready to advocate for poker.”

Rep. Barney FrankRep. Frank, the chair of House Financial Services Committee and one the Democrats’ most powerful members of Congress, introduced H.R. 2267 (“The Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act of 2009”) in May of last year.

H.R. 2267 would explicitly legalize and regulate the online poker industry, and could lead to more players entering the game with easier deposit methods and more lenient advertising capabilities for the sites. Gambling operators would be required to obtain U.S. licenses and pay both federal and local taxes. Individual states would be able to opt out of Frank’s bill. The Joint Committee on Taxation has projected that the U.S. Treasury could raise $42 billion over the next 10 years if online gaming was regulated.

Frank held a hearing on the bill last month, although a committee vote was not taken. But now according to Pappas, that committee vote could happen as soon as next month.

The House Financial Services Committee includes about 70 members of Congress.

To view Pappas’ video and to find out what you can do to fight for online poker rights, visit



almost 12 years ago

Hopefully our legislators will come to there senses and push forward a bill to regulate online poker and realize the financial windfall that will follow. Especially given the current economy!


almost 12 years ago

Regulation and taxation won't stop scams and ripoffs. It would have been better not to have played the tax card and developed the skill game card more, but it's a little late for that, I think.

Kyl didn't think this through. If he's for family values, then he should have grown a set and told his constituent to man up and guide his son's moral and financial growth instead of relying on government to step in and take over his parental responsibilities, something no parent on either the left or the right should ever advocate. It's strange that a Republican would push for this, but I guess the allure of sneaking UIGEA through in the dead of night was too tempting for him. After all, why gamble on fair and balanced discourse when you could impose your will in such a cowardly fashion? This tells us all we want to know about Sen. Kyl's lacking character. Right, Uncle?


almost 12 years ago

I am older than most of you, having been a poker player for over 50 years. I have also been involved with a financial service industry that was once unregulated and is now regulated. My only advice is be careful for what you ask for. If Rep Frank is correct, $42 billion will be taken from poker players over the next 10 years. And what do poker players get?? Only the ability to input money easier. It will not be safer. In fact, if past experiences with government are reflective, it will probably be less safe. I think I like it better unregulated.


almost 12 years ago

You are exactly right Bruce!

This "giant tax windfall" for the government comes from where?? Oh, us players. What a great deal!

Looks like the new thing will be setting up player accounts in foreign countries to avoid the regulation and taxes.


over 11 years ago

"We're from the government and we're here to help. No, REALLY. Please stop laughing, I'm not kidding. OK, it may cost you some money in taxes. OK, A LOT of money but it'll be worth it. We'll keep track of every session you play then send you a sweet little tax bill once a year.We'll need your bank records of course and everyone you contact will need to be in our data base but you'll hardly even notice us. But we'll notice you.Like I said we're here to help."