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William Reynolds Wins the PCA High Roller Championship

Reynolds Takes Home $576,240 for Topping a Tough Field of 84 Players


William ReynoldsThe final table of the $25,000 high roller no-limit hold’em championship at the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure began a little after noon EST today in the Bahamas. The final-table bubble took many long hours the night before and the unfortunate bubble girl was Team PokerStars pro Sandra Naujoks. The final eight players had fought long and hard to find their way to the final day, playing through a tough field of 84 players. The blinds were pretty high coming into the day at 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante and play was ready to shoot out of the gates when cards got into the air. Here were the chip counts at the start of play:

Seat 1: Adolfo Vaeza — 758,000
Seat 2: William Reynolds — 482,000 (pictured above right)
Seat 3: Michiel Brummelhuis — 394,000
Seat 4: Dmitry Stelmak — 150,000
Seat 5: Will Molson — 669,000
Seat 6: Tobias Reinkemeier — 1,072,000
Seat 7: Lisa Hamilton — 440,000
Seat 8: Matt Marafioti — 236,000

Dmitry Stelmark was the first player to shove on a short stack at the final table and it happened on the second hand of play. His K-10 was dominated by the A-10 of chip leader Tobias Reinkemeier, and Stelmark was eliminated in eighth place ($66,885) after the board ran out A-10-9-K-J. Matt Marafioti was the next player to fall in seventh place ($87,465). His pocket sevens were racing against the A-K of Williams Reynolds preflop, and an ace on the turn sealed Marafioti’s fate.

There was a lull in the eliminations for a while after that and during that time the fortunes of the chip leader (Reinkemeier) heading into the day changed dramatically. Reinkemeier doubled up Will Molson, and even after doubling up once himself he was still at risk. The final hand came for Reinkemeier when he shoved with pocket eights but ran into the pocket kings of Reynolds. The kings held and Reinkemeier exited in sixth place ($108,045). Lisa Hamilton fell next in fifth place ($133,770). She was at risk with pocket jacks and they were off to the races against the A-Q of Molson. Molson found a queen and Hamilton’s run was over.

Adolfo Vaeza doubled up a few times to survive a little longer than Michiel Brummelhuis, who picked a bad spot to move all in against Reynolds. Brummelhuis shoved preflop with Q-9 and Reynolds was waiting with pocket aces. The board provided no assistance and Brummelhuis was eliminated in fourth place ($154,350). Vaeza had held on for a while but his tournament run came to an end in third place ($218,150) when he decided to move all in on a draw. He shoved with 5-3 in the hole on an A-6-4 flop and Reynolds snap-called with A-K in the hole. The turn and river changed nothing and that brought about a heads-up final between the two most active players at the table, Reynolds and Molson.

Heads-Up Chip Counts:

William Reynolds — 2,455,000
Will Molson — 1,747,000

The first major pot during heads-up play went to Molson and he pulled even in chips with Reynolds after the hand. His Q-J beat the J-8 of Reynolds on a K-J-3-9-J board. Once things were even though, Reynolds took control of the match and grinded Molson to less than 1 million down during the next hour. Molson eventually shoved on a short stack with A-9, which had the A-8 of Reynolds dominated. The flop ran out 9-9-5-7-3 and Molson doubled up back to even with Reynolds.

Reynolds was the next player to find his stack all in and he shoved with pocket sevens preflop. Molson was waiting with A-3, but the sevens held for Reynolds and he once again held a dominant 4-1 chip lead. A few minutes later the final hand of the match hit the books. Molson moved all in preflop with K-8 in the hole and Reynolds made the call with A-10. The board brought no help for Molson, who now has the distinction of finishing runner-up in this event two years in a row. He was awarded $322,075 in second place and Reynolds was crowned the champion. Reynolds was awarded a silver trophy and $576,240 in prize money.

Final-Table Results:

1: William Reynolds — $576,240
2: Will Molson — $322,075
3: Adolfo Vaeza — $218,150
4: Michiel Brummelhuis — $154,350
5: Lisa Hamilton — $133,770
6: Tobias Reinkemeier — $108,045
7: Matt Marafioti — $87,465
8: Dmitry Stelmark — $66,885

Here is a look at how the elimination hands played out, as featured on’s live updates:

Dimitry StelmarkDmitry Stelmark Eliminated in Eighth Place ($66,885)

In the second hand at the final table, Dmitry Stelmark (pictured left) moved all in for 136,000 from the button. Tobias Reinkemeier made the call in the big blind and they flipped over their cards:

Stelmark: KHeart Suit 10Heart Suit
Reinkemeier: AHeart Suit 10Club Suit

Board: ADiamond Suit 10Diamond Suit 9Diamond Suit KClub Suit JDiamond Suit

Reinkemeier won the pot and Stelmark was eliminated on the hand in eighth place. He takes home $66,885 in prize money.

Matt MarafiotiMatt Marafioti Eliminated in Seventh Place ($87,465)

Matt Marafioti (pictured right) raised to 45,000 from middle position preflop and William Reynolds moved all in on the button. Marafioti called all in for 146,000 and they revealed their hole cards:

Reynolds: AHeart Suit KSpade Suit
Marafioti: 7Spade Suit 7Club Suit

Board: 10Heart Suit 9Club Suit 4Club Suit ADiamond Suit 6Spade Suit

Marafioti was eliminated on the hand in seventh place and he will take home $87,465 in prize money.

Tobias ReinkemeierTobias Reinkemeier Eliminated in Sixth Place ($108,000)

William Reynolds raised to 56,000 preflop and Tobias Reinkemeier (pictured left) reraised all in from the small blind. Reynolds quickly called and they turned over their cards:

Reinkemeier: 8Club Suit 8Heart Suit
Reynolds: KDiamond Suit KHeart Suit

Board: JDiamond Suit 7Heart Suit 4Club Suit AClub Suit QHeart Suit

Reinkemeier was eliminated in sixth place and he took home 108,045 in prize money.

William ReynoldsLisa Hamilton Eliminated in Fifth Place ($133,770)

William Reynolds raised to 70,000 from the cutoff and Will Molson made the call from the small blind. Lisa Hamilton (pictured right) reraised to 180,000 from the big blind. Reynolds mucked and Molson reraised all in. Hamilton made the all-in call for 572,000 and the two players flipped over their cards:

Hamilton: JSpade Suit JClub Suit
Molson: AClub Suit QHeart Suit

Board: 8Club Suit 6Club Suit 4Heart Suit QClub Suit KSpade Suit

Hamilton was eliminated in fifth place and she will take home $133,770. Molson increased his chip lead to 2 million after the hand.

Michiel BrummelhuisMichiel Brummelhuis Eliminated in Fourth Place ($154,300)

Michiel Brummelhuis (pictured right) moved all in under the gun for 291,000 and William Reynolds snap-called in the big blind. Their cards:

Brummelhuis: QSpade Suit 9Heart Suit
Reynolds: AClub Suit AHeart Suit

Board: 10Spade Suit 6Diamond Suit 3Club Suit JDiamond Suit 7Diamond Suit

Brummelhuis was eliminated in fourth place and takes home $154,350 in prize money.

Adolfo VaezaAdolfo Vaeza Eliminated in Third Place ($218,150)

William Reynolds raised to 90,000 on the button and Adolfo Vaeza (pictured left) made the call from the big blind. The flop was dealt ADiamond Suit 6Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit and Vaeza moved all in for 700,000. Reynolds made the call and they flipped over their cards:

Vaeza: 5Club Suit 3Club Suit
Reynolds: ASpade Suit KSpade Suit

Turn and River: JHeart Suit and 5Spade Suit

Vaeza was eliminated in third place on the hand and he takes home $218,150 in prize money.

Will MolsonWilliam Reynolds Wins the PCA $25,000 High Roller Championship ($576,240) — Will Molson Eliminated in Second Place ($322,075)

Will Molson (pictured right) moved all in preflop for 910,000 and William Reynolds snap called. Their cards:

Reynolds: ADiamond Suit 10Diamond Suit
Molson: KClub Suit 8Diamond Suit

Board: 9Spade Suit 7Heart Suit 5Heart Suit JHeart Suit AClub Suit

Molson was eliminated in second place for the second year in a row and he will take home $322,075. Reynolds wins the event and he takes home the top prize worth $576,240.