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These Two Found Love at

She Stuck Up for Him, He Asked Her to Marry Him


Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan got nothing on these two.

The night Jackie Johnson and Gary Suffir logged onto to play a little bit of Omaha high-low, Cupid must havve done something magical to get them both to the same table.

Out of all the tables and all the games they could've had a seat at, they both picked the one that would change the direction of the rest of their lives.

The date of the wedding is March 7. The city, is Las Vegas. And where else would the two poker players spend their Honeymoon if not onboard the Million V cruise that shoves off March 12?

It all started with an unpleasant beat.

Johnson watched Suffir play a hand as well as anyone could, but his opponent sucked out a miracle card on him to take down the pot. Johnson says the player who won the hand started criticizing Suffir about his play.

Johnson, a 27-year-old Las Vegas artist, sided with Suffir during the argument, and then the two began corresponding, electronically using's buddy list feature. For three months they talked and when online, played together in multi-table tournaments.

Four months after the bad beat, Suffir was on a plane to Vegas to meet his online poker buddy. Six-weeks after that, Johnson moved to New York, where the 28-year-old works as an attorney.

Suffir proposed to Johnson in August, 2005. The wedding, of course, will have a poker theme.