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Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan’s New Million Dollar Challenge

New High-Stakes Challenge Sees Dwan Battle Four Players Live in London


Tom Dwan is at it again — challenging anyone with the “bankroll” big enough to take him on heads up. But this time, he will be in London, and more importantly, in the flesh.

Television producer and distributor Matchroom Sport today announced the launch of the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge, which will see the young Internet phenomenon take on four players head-to-head at $500,000 a game this Sept.

Dwan says, “I am looking forward to sitting down and playing some of the world’s best players live in London. There looks to be lots of interest in people wanting to play me, but they never seem to appear online. It will be interesting to see the response Eddie [Hearn] gets and just who is willing to get it on.”

Each match will see 500 hands played with blinds at $500-$1,000, and no one can walk away until the hands are over or they go bust. Dwan’s opponents will have the choice of playing pot-limit Omaha or no-limit hold’em.

Managing Director of Matchroom Sport Eddie Hearn said, “We have been lucky enough over the years to promote the biggest names in many sports, and Tom is without doubt the biggest draw in poker right now. He is totally fearless and ready to take on any player who is willing to face off in the Million Dollar match up. This will be the most hotly anticipated match up in modern day poker.”

Over the next few weeks, more details surrounding Durrrr’s opponents/victims will be released. In the meantime, his challenge with Patrik Antonius continues.



13 years ago

so who believes durrrr is putting up his own bankroll for this? Gotta believe he'll be playing with someone elses $$$$ this time around...


13 years ago

yeah why use your own bankroll when your up 7 million this year.....question is why would he give omeone else a piece of his action


13 years ago

Sorry but Durrrr isn't a great player....he is a young kid with no job and he has some money obviously. Watch him play online....he shoves and prays and it is a joke to see these websites talk like he is great! What has he won?


13 years ago

What has he won ? Are you kidding ?!? He is only one of the biggest winners ever in the high stakes online cashgames...


almost 13 years ago

''and it is a joke to see these websites talk like he is great! What has he won? ''

hmmmm only 15.000.000 lol

what dit you win zerofun ????

hmmm when some one wins over 15 million and you consider him 'not good' you must have bin stoned writing that down