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Run It Twice -- TV Edition -- Peter Eastgate

Eastgate Talks About Another Interesting Hand He Played On High Stakes Poker


Peter EastgatePrimarily a cash game player before winning the 2008 World Series of Poker, Peter Eastgate stepped it up to the highest-staked cash games offered with his newly padded bankroll. He was recently featured on the latest season of High Stakes Poker on GSN. Eastgate talked to Card Player about a hand he played on Episode 2.

The Game

Game: No-limit hold’em
Blinds: $400-$800
Ante: $200

The Lineup

Seat 1: Daniel Negreanu
Seat 2: Peter Eastgate
Seat 3: Doyle Brunson
Seat 4: Barry Greenstein
Seat 5: Tom Dwan
Seat 6: David Benyamine
Seat 7: Eli Elezra
Seat 8: Ilari Sahamies

Run it Twice — Review of the Hand

Preflop Action: Peter Eastgate calls the $1,600 live straddle from early position. David Benyamine calls another $1,200 from the small blind and Eli Elezra calls $800 more from the big blind. Ilari Sahamies raises to 12,600 from the straddle with 9Spade Suit 9Diamond Suit. Eastgate calls with JDiamond Suit 10Diamond Suit. Benyamine and Elezra fold. The pot is now $30,000.

Kristy Arnett: What was the dynamic of the game and did that play into your decision to just limp preflop with a hand like this?

Peter Eastgate: First of all, this was my first time playing with this group of players before. Many of them like Tom Dwan and Doyle had played with each other before. That was my first time there. I think whether you limp here or raise with J-10, either play is fine. The dynamic of the table at the time was fairly aggressive, so I didn’t want to raise and Dwan had already repopped [reraised] me twice. I didn’t want to play in a reraised pot against him out of position.

KA: But you were will to just call a raise, but didn’t want to have to call a three-bet right?

PE: Yeah, exactly. As the game turned out, I made a big mistake of buying in too deep.

KA: When Sahamies raised so big from the straddle, it kind of looks like he just wants to take the pot down there. What kind of range are you putting him on?

PE: I think his range is quite wide—maybe sevens and up. On the other hand, he was sitting $300,000 deep, and if he has Aces or Kings, I have the perfect hand to crack those kinds of hands, so that’s basically why I called. I didn’t narrow his range to that small of an amount of hands, but I also had position as well.

Flop Action: The flop comes ASpade Suit JClub Suit 6Club Suit. Sahamies bets $20,000. Eastgate calls. The pot is now $70,000.

KA: What went into your decision making to just call?

PE: I’m calling because I connected. I didn’t connect in the way I hoped I would, but the pot is heads up, and if I limp-call preflop and fold to that kind of flop, I’m going to get run over. I had position and if he didn’t have an Ace, like with pocket Kings or Queens, I might be able to take it down on later streets if the right cards fall. There are also two clubs out there, so I have the possibility of also representing a flush if a club falls.

Turn Action: The turn is the 4Heart Suit. The board now reads ASpade Suit JClub Suit 6Club Suit 4Heart Suit. Sahamies checks and Eastgate bets $39,000. Sahamies calls. The pot is now $148,000.

KA: Why did you bet the turn? Was it for value?

PE: The reason why I bet the turn is because it’s better than checking and then calling his river bet. Most river cards will be pretty much blanks like anything below a queen is good for my hand. The primary reason I bet there to basically take control of the pot, and trying to prevent him from betting the river. I would still be able to sell a bluff on the river and get better hands to fold. But yes, a little for value because if he had a draw, I wanted him to pay.

River Action: The river is the JSpade Suit. The board now reads ASpade Suit JClub Suit 6Club Suit 4Heart Suit JSpade Suit. Sahamies checks and Eastgate bets $85,000. Sahamies calls. Eastgate wins the pot of $318,000.

KA: The river card greatly improves your hand, but if it wasn’t a Jack, what would you have done?

PE: If a club would have fallen on the river, I would have probably bet, or if I think I could still represent an Ace, I would have bet to get better hands like Kings or Queens to fold.

KA: Why do you think he called your river bet?

PE: The reason why he called was that he didn’t think that I would value bet an Ace here, and maybe he had a hard time thinking that I would be limping in with A-Q or A-K. If I had a worse Ace like an A-10 or worse than that, he would assume I’d check behind and take it down if I was ahead because if he’s calling me with an Ace, I’m either chopping or behind. The reason why he called is because he doesn’t think I have an Ace that much of the time, and obviously the draw misses as well, so there’s a possibility of me having a busted draw.

On a "previous Run It Twice":, Eastgate discusses one of the most talked about hands of the season in which Tom Dwan pulls a well-timed bluff against Eastgate and Barry Greenstein._



almost 13 years ago

What did Sahamies have for whole cards?!?!?!? Did he muck???