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Erica Schoenberg Talks About Poker and Golf on The Scoop

Pro Shares Her Journey from Volleyball to Blackjack to Poker


Erica Schoenberg“Eff you Adam,” Erica Schoenberg says with a smile. Her playful derision is directed at Adam Schoenfeld, one of the hosts of the weekly Card Player TV show, The Scoop.

Schoenberg talks about her golf game quite a bit in this week’s episode, which is sponsored by Full Tilt, discussing a potential prop bet that at least one of The Scoop’s hosts isn’t so confident on her side of the coin.

Schoenberg weighs her chances of shooting an 88, despite yet breaking 100, within the next four months, while also giving a little background on her life before she started to play the poker circuit.

She tells of her days as a volleyball player in Akron, Ohio, to the times she went to Indian casinos, counting cards in blackjack with her dad in California.

She also shares with the The Scoop hosts, Schoenfeld and Diego Cordovez, some stories about her boyfriend, high-stakes cash game player David Benyamine.

Catch the entire episode on Card Player TV. Part 2 of the interview will debut next Friday.



over 12 years ago

Erica and "Bennie" aren't married by now-Funny how you don't her Blog it's so onesided anyway and if you comment she doesn't responsed so why she-Erica has a Blog is a mystery.


over 12 years ago



over 12 years ago

Kittens? What the heck are you smoking?