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WPT Championship -- Day 5

Scotty Nguyen Leads the Way


The final table at the 2009 WPT Championship is set. There are still two more days of play remaining, but the field played down so fast that it caused not only one early day, but presented an opportunity for another tomorrow. On Friday, the field will have to cut itself from 10 to just six, leaving four players on the outside looking in.

Here are the final 10 and their chip counts:

  1. Scotty Nguyen — 5,880,000
  2. Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko — 5,105,000
  3. Christian "charder30" Harder — 4,650,000
  4. Justin "robert07" Young — 4,220,000
  5. Shannon "BLUFFforRENT" Shorr — 3,155,000
  6. Brian "tsarrast" Rast — 3,025,000
  7. Eugene "myrabbifoo" Katchalov — 2,385,000
  8. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier — 1,965,000
  9. Ran Azor — 1,810,000
  10. Bruno Fitoussi — 1,615,000

Take a look at how the action went down according to Card Player’s live updates:


Nick BingerNick Binger Eliminated in 24th Place ($49,025)

Scotty Nguyen raised and Nick Binger moved all in. Nguyen called and showed A 3, while Binger was behind with J 4.

The board came out ace high, and Binger’s hand bricked, sending him to the rail in 24th place. After the hand, Nguyen had 2,300,000.

David Grey Eliminated in 23rd Place ($49,025)

David Grey moved all in for 233,000, and Brian Rast made the call with pocket aces. Grey could only show K 5, and couldn’t overcome Rast and his big pair. Rast now has 1,900,000.

Matt HymanMatt Hyman Eliminated in 21st Place ($49,025)

Andrew Lichtenberger raised to 100,000, and Matt Hyman moved all in. Lichtenberger called with K 8, and Hyman showed pocket fives. The board brought an 8, and Lichtenberger increased his stack to 1,550,000.

Marco Johnson Eliminated in 20th Place ($65,370)

Marco Johnson found himself all in for his last 800,000 against Justin Young. Johnson showed A-K and was dominating Young’s A-Q, but the turn was a queen, giving Young the better hand.

Eric LiuYoung increased his stack to 4,850,000 and Johnson finished in 20th place.

Eric Liu Eliminated in 19th Place ($65,370)

Christian Harder raised to 400,000 on the button, and Eric Liu moved all in from the big blind for 655,000. Harder called with J 10, and Liu revealed a dominating K 10.

Unfortunately for Liu, the board ran out 10 7 5 J A, and Harder’s turned two pair gave him the pot and a stack of 3,400,000.  The final 18 players then redrew for the final two tables.

Jeff MadsenJeff Madsen Eliminated in 18th Place ($65,370)

Justin Young raised to 105,000, Sinan Yoyen called from the cutoff, and Jeff Madsen moved all in from the small blind for 555,000.

Young folded, and Yoyen called with A Q. Madsen rolled over pocket sevens and was eliminated when the board came 6 3 2 8 J, giving Yoyen the nut flush.


Owen CroweOwen Crowe Eliminated in 17th Place ($65,370)

Owen Crowe, Justin Young, Ross Boatman, and Sinan Yoyen saw a flop of 9 3 3. Crowe bet, and Young raised to 480,000.

Crowe moved all in for 1,350,000, and Young called with 7 3 for trip threes. Crowe showed pocket aces and needed help to survive. The turn and river came 7 and 4, and Crowe was eliminated. The pot put Young at 6,525,000.

Blake Cahail Eliminated in 16th Place ($65,370)

Blake Cahail moved all in preflop, and Yevgeniy Timoshenko made the call. Cahail showed A-9 but couldn’t overcome Timohsenko’s dominating A-K, busting in 16th place.


Ross BoatmanRoss Boatman Eliminated in 15th Place ($81,710)

Justin Young raised from late position to 155,000, and Ross Boatman moved all in on the button. Christian Harder made the call, Young folded, and they turned up their hands. Boatman showed A K and was racing against Harder’s pocket jacks.

The board ran out 10-high, and Boatman was eliminated in 15th place. The pot propelled Harder to 4,370,000.

Freddy Deeb Eliminated in 12th Place ($81,710)

Freddy Deeb and Brian Rast saw a flop of J 7 2. Rast bet 165,000, and Deeb moved all in. Rast called with A J , and Deeb showed 8 7 for middle pair with a flush draw.

Jennifer HarmanThe turn and river came 4 and 5, and Deeb was eliminated in 12th place.


Jennifer Harman Eliminated in 11th Place ($81,710)

Yevgeniy Timoshenko put Jennifer Harman all in at the worst possible time, as her pocket aces had his 10 2 crushed.

Fortunately for the young online pro, the board came Q 4 2 10 9 to give him two pair and send Harman home on the final-table bubble.