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Vadim Trincher Wins the 2009 Foxwoods Poker Classic

Amnon Filippi Finishes in Second Place


Amnon FilippiThe final table at the 2009 Foxwoods Poker Classic began at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 8, and five players remained in the hunt for a first-place payday worth $731,079. Here is a look at the final table when things began:

Seat 1: Lenny Cortellino -- 1,175,000
Seat 2: Matthew Casterella -- 1,808,000
Seat 3: Alex Perelberg -- 200,000
Seat 4: Vadim Trincher -- 2,813,000
Seat 5: Amnon Filippi -- 1,852,000

It took more than two hours for the first elimination to take place at the final table when Alex Perelberg was forced to move all in on a short stack with 10 7. Amnon Filippi called him down with K 8, and the king high held up to eliminate Perelberg in fifth place ($106,007). It took almost five hours after that for Matthew Casterella to finally fall 172 hands into the final table. His A K went all in preflop to do battle against the pocket sevens of Filippi. The board bricked out, and Casterella was eliminated in fourth place ($138,905).

After that, the blinds caught up with the field eight hours into the final-table endeavor. Just six hands later, Lenny Cortellini fell in third place and took home $214,449 in prize money when he chose to move all in on a board of A Q 6 8. Filippi scored his third elimination at the final table when his 8 6 held strong against the A 7 of Cortellini after the river came K.

Heads-up play began with things pretty event between Vadim Trincher (3.7 million) and Filippi (4.16 million). Trincher took a big lead in the match when he made kings up to Vadim Trinchertake home a pot worth 2.81 million against Filippi a half hour into the match. It was a long, slow lean after that for Trincher, who applied pressure to Filippi as Filippi slowly bled chips. The final hand took place shortly after 2 a.m. on April 9. Filippi raised to 175,000 preflop, and Trincher made the call. The flop was dealt J 5 5, and Trincher checked. Filippi bet 300,000, and Trincher check-raised to 800,000. Filippi thought for a moment and then decided to move all in for his tournament life. Trincher called him down, and they flipped up their cards:

Filippi: J 4
Trincher: 7 6

Turn and River: 8 and K

Trincher won the hand with a flush, and Filippi was eliminated in second place ($409,405). Trincher won the Foxwoods Poker Classic and $731,079 for first place. He also took home an entry at the World Poker Tour Championship and a WPT bracelet. It was Trincher's first major win, and he now has $1,154,615 in lifetime winnings.

The next stop on the WPT will be the last for season VII. The WPT Championship begins on April 18 at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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