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European Poker Tour Copenhagen Day 2 Update

Forty Players Remain as Scandinavian Poker Frenzy Plays to Denouement


Day 2 of the European Poker Tour Copenhagen saw 184 players take to the felt, and there were many interesting matchups on offer. One table hosted Jani Sointula, Noah Boeken, Klaus T Madsen, and Morten Erlandsen, while another saw Laurence Houghton face off against Annette Obrestad, and Danny Ryan would battle Ilari Sahamies at another.

Andrea Benelli, chip leader at the start of the day, Martin Jacobson, Remy Biechel, Andreas Hoivold, and Johan van Til were seated together, as were Thor Hansen, Oerjan Holt, Arnaud Mattern, and Marcin Horecki.

Isabelle Mercier busted fairly early in proceedings chasing a valuable double-up but running A-10 into A-A. Russian bracelet winner Alex Kravchenko also took an early bath.

Annette Obrestad, the 20-year-old Norwegian wunderkind, had a welcome spin-up to over 80,000 a couple of hours into play with A-A vs. A-K and K-K vs. A-Q.

Andreas Hoivold had a rollercoaster ride on day 2 at the Scandinavian OpenMeanwhile, Andreas Hoivold (pictured at right), who had grown his stack to a slightly more playable 16,000, took a significant hit having had his A-K cracked by A-Q, and dropped to just 3,000 in chips.

However, he did not sit and feel sorry for his situation and soon took a player out with pocket aces to begin a remarkable comeback.

On a 10 4 2 flop, Roberto Romanello bet 25,000. Hoivold shoved his large stack out in front, and Romanello went into the tank.

He thought for at least five minutes. "Will you show if I pass?" he asked. Hoivold simply shruged. "Yes or no? I don't mind, just say" said Romanello, but Hoivold kept shrugging.

Eventually Romanello flipped over his cards Q 10 and waited to see if Hoivold would show. Hoivold tapped the table and nodded, and a tournament director came over. The dealer told him that Romanello hadn't said anything yet... The Welshman said, despondently, "No, I folded."

Hoivold flipped over the Q, and then showed the 8. Romanello couldn’t believe his eyes, as Hoivold's supporters laughed and he raked in his new chips.

As the bubble approached, on a board showing 4-3-2, Hoivold went all in, putting Rasmus Nielsen to the test.

Another player at the table said, "You have A-K suited, spades?" Hoivold sarcastically replied, "Eh... no."

He then added, "I'll show you if you call... I'll show you if you fold." His chips were counted, and they totalled 180,200.

Nielsen mucked his cards and said, "Show me the bluff!"

"It's not a bluff!" cried Hoivold as he stood up and turned to the crowd... "You wanna see? Who's gonna buy me a drink?"

He flipped over A 3 and was applauded. "I told you it was a good hand!" he said, smiling. He would finish the day just outside the top 10 on 130,400 in chips.

Andrew FeldmanPlayers who hit the rail mid-to late session, missing out on a payday, included Danny Ryan, Johannes Strassmann, Markus Golser, current EPT Barcelona champion Sebastian Ruthenberg, Arnaud Mattern, Marcin Horecki, Peter Jepsen, Rueben Peters, Noah Boeken, Alain Roy, Tronde Erik Eidsvig, Ilhari Sahamies, Jani Sointula, Tomas Brolin, Jonas Molander, and Luca Pagano.

When only a couple of players from the bubble, Annette Obrestad was out. All in with pocket sixes, her opponent called with 9-8 and caught a 9.

Albert Iversen ran A-K into Jonas Klausen's A-A and also hit the rail agonisingly close to the money.

The battle for bubble boy was between Andrew Feldman (pictured above left), who raised on the button with 9 9, and Christian Saxin on the big blind, who went all in. Feldman called, and Saxin showed K J.

The board fell A-10-2-8-Q. Saxin hit his straight, and Feldman was the unfortunate 41st-place finisher.

Forty players will return for day 3, and the top 10 in chips are:

  1. Anders Langset (Norway) -- 326,800
  2. Rasmus Nielsen (Denmark) -- 254,700
  3. Peter Hedlund (Sweden) -- 236,500
  4. Fredrik Boberg (Sweden) -- 213,900
  5. Tore Lagerborg (Norway) -- 192,000
  6. Christian Saxin (Sweden) -- 166,500
  7. Michael Aston (UK) -- 155,200
  8. Martin Wendt (Denmark) -- 147,700
  9. Jens Kyllönen (Finland) -- 143,700
  10. Ramzi Jelassi (Sweden) -- 143,600

Be sure to check back at today for all the action from day 3 at the Scandinavian Open as the players chase the $1.1 million top prize and check for live action from the feature table from 1 p.m. GMT today.