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Bodog Poker Hawaiian VIP Series Last-Chance Qualifier Tuesday

Card-Player Exclusive Series is Wrapping Up, Last Chance to Get a Seat in Final is Tomorrow


[UPDATED: The list of players who qualify for tonight's last-chance event has been expanded.]

The Card Player-exclusive tournament series on Bodog, which awards a VIP trip to Hawaii to watch football’s bowl game there live, is wrapping up. The invitational final event is set to take place this Sunday, but those who have been gunning for the top prize have one last chance to qualify for a seat in the main event via tomorrow (Tuesday) night’s last-chance qualifier.

Only those in the top 15 percent of the leader board (or those who do well in the last-chance event) will be invited to play in the final for a chance to win the VIP trip to watch football in Hawaii. All of the events awarding leader-board points have concluded, and the leader board standings are now final.

The players who have qualified for the final by topping the leader board are:

  • tNgrandbuyin1
  • Thundernest
  • tenac
  • sheila12
  • crappy player
  • sammicahtx
  • denlm
  • Molokai
  • fightinphils
  • Nate Avenson

Those players can now register for the final by going to the “Scheduled Tournament” tab, clicking “Private,” and then opening the CardPlayer Series Finale tournament lobby. The final will be held on Sunday, Jan. 25 at 3:05 p.m. ET, and the champion wins a trip for two to the Hawaii bowl game, and second through 10th win a seat in the regular Sunday $100,000 guarantee.

As for the last-chance tournament (the details of which can be found at the series’ landing page on Bodog), this is open to all players who have participated in at least three events throughout the series. The final five players in the last-chance event will get a seat in the final. The last-chance event is set to be held tomorrow at 9:05 p.m. ET.

Registration will open soon to the following players, and players are asked to register by going to the “Scheduled Tournament” tab, clicking “Private,” and then opening the CP Series Last Chance tournament lobby:

  • Cougars4444
  • Two22s
  • rstewart13aggie
  • Bigdaddywin
  • DTDK1
  • hotobaa
  • MahatmaKJ
  • swimjack
  • Ragaboo
  • stroup180
  • Jepulator
  • PotJunkie
  • High Impact
  • Joe_Cool
  • dartndave
  • TheMicrowave
  • dogfour
  • TotalFish
  • shamanalix
  • davo
  • SH0W0FF
  • smokkee
  • doc holladay
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over 12 years ago

This isn't correct. The rules of "How It Works" which I copied before the series began states "every player who played in three or more qualifying tournaments will be eligible for..." The Tuesday Jan. 20th Last Chance Tournament. Despite my work and school schedule I got three games in, expecting and saving myself for the Last Chance. Please do not deny me this opportunity, which was promised in your rules. Thank you! -- shamanalix at CP and Bodog.


over 12 years ago

Found it! This exact paragraph from your own article Oct. 24 2008, which I copied and used the schedule of these past months. Check your story archive. I was only able to play Nov. 30, Dec. 23 and Jan. 4, but I did play. I love Card Player and Bodog and appreciate all you do for us; but please be fair. The paragraph from your story:

"How it Works

"The Card Player Pro-Bowl Tournament Series is composed of a series of 24 qualifying tournaments that run from Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008 to Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009. The top 30 percent of finishers in each qualifying tournament will earn points based on their finish, and these points will be used to rank players. At the end of the qualifying series, Bodog will host two tournaments: first a last-chance tournament on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009, which every player who played in three or more qualifying tournaments will be eligible for, and then, on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2009, we will host the final tournament, open to the top 15 percent of players on the tournament leader board (TLB). Each player’s top 10 point-finishes will count toward the TLB Standings. The top five finishers in the last-chance tournament will also be invited to participate in the final tournament. The first-place finisher in the final tournament will win the Pro Bowl prize package for two and the second- to 10th-place finishers will win a seat in any $100,000-guaranteed tournament on Bodog, which are hosted every Sunday at 4 p.m. ET, a $109 value."


over 12 years ago

Thank you and Bodog for the correction and fix. (Knew all my years as a newspaper copyeditor would still pay off.) Good luck all!