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What's My Line -- David 'Chino' Rheem

Rheem Calls Clonie Gowen Down With Ace High


Every Thursday, Card Player sits down with some of the best in the game to discuss pivotal hands from the week’s biggest tournaments on the circuit.

David "Chino" Rheem didn't have much time to soak in his seventh place finish at the World Series of Poker main event. Just one month later, Rheem was back at the grind, making his way through a large field at Bellagio's WPT Doyle Brunson Classic Championship. After taking a bad beat to end his run at the Rio, Rheem was able to inflict some beats of his own across the street enroute to his first championship and $1,538,730.

Card Player spoke to Rheem about a pivotal hand he played with Clonie Gowen late on day 4.

Event - Blinds/Antes Doyle Brunson Classic Championship 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante
Player Chino Rheem Clonie Gowen
Chip Count 775,000 1,113,000
Hand A 9 9 8

The Hand

Clonie GowenEveryone folds to Chino Rheem in the small blind who raises to 60,000. Clonie Gowen makes the call and the flop comes down K Q 7. Rheem checks and Gowen bets 75,000.

Rheem calls and the turn is the J. He checks and Gowen continues with a bet of 150,000. Rheem calls and the river pairs the board with the K. Gowen bets 275,000 and Rheem calls.

Gowen shows 9 8 for a busted gutshot straight draw and Rheem reveals A 9 for ace-high.

After the hand, Rheem was back up to 1.35 million and Gowen took a hit down to 550,000.

The Interview

Chino RheemJulio Rodriguez:
Hey Chino, I was hoping you could talk about that blind vs. blind hand with Clonie Gowen.

Chino Rheem: Okay, everyone folded to me in the small blind and I made it 60,000. Clonie made the call and we saw the flop.

JR: What kind of hand are you putting her on at this point?

CR: To be honest, complete air.

JR: Like ace-high air?

CR: Not even, like nine-high, ten-high.

JR: The flop comes K-Q-7 rainbow and she bet 75,000. You called with your ace-high and the turn was the J. Again, she fired out, this time for 150,000. Are you committed to calling, no matter the river?

CR: I’ve already decided at this point that I’m going to call her down with ace-high. I made up my mind that she either has it or she doesn’t. The thing was, if I call the turn and she checks the river, then I know she has the best hand because she would do that with a showdown hand. I said to myself, if she fires the river then she either has nothing or the nuts because she can’t bet with a marginal showdown hand.

Chino RheemJR: The river was the K.

CR: I wanted the board to pair. That’s a really great card for me.

JR: She bet 275,000 and you made the call. She showed nine-high for a busted gutshot and you took a huge pot at a crucial time of the tournament.

CR: A lot of it had to do with the hand right before that when I lost about 400,000 to Brett Richey with top pair. When I lose a big pot like that, I like to get my chips back as quickly as I can. Clonie is very capable of bluffing and firing three barrels. Luckily, I happened to have the right read in that situation.



almost 13 years ago

Nice call with Ace high, keep doing it and you will see yourself on the rail. Chino will learn to slow down in the near future. Hero calls get you busted out of tournaments. I predict Chino does not make another 10K final table in 2009.


almost 13 years ago

Putting Gowen on a hand of "Total Air" was a cocky comment-A disrespect to a seasoned Pro.
The next time Chino ASSUMES a total Air hand he may bustout of a tourney.
Chino may have made millions this year then fade into the sunset in 2009.


almost 13 years ago

Just admit it Chino, you played the hand DonkeyStyle.


almost 13 years ago

He does have a smart mouth and i dont really care for him but THAT WAS A VERY GOOD CALL!!!! What are you people talking about.


almost 13 years ago

He's still a cock, go break into a car, you friggin thief!