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Tournament Trail Q and A -- Danny Ryan

Danny Ryan Speaks about his Experiences at the EPT


Danny RyanDanny ‘THE_D_RY’ Ryan has failed to disappoint since his arrival on the poker scene. Eager to mirror his online success in the live circuit, this young American gent is going for gold in Europe. Card Player caught up with the online whizz kid at the current EPT in Budapest to find out how he is getting on, and where he’s off to next.

Rebecca McAdam: How are you getting on today?

Danny Ryan: Today started pretty well. I’m up to 13,000 after the first break so I can’t complain.

RM: How did you get there?

DR: Winning a couple of small pots, nothing too exciting really. I flopped a flush once, it was heads up in the pot, and I check raised the flop and he folded so that was like the one spot where I could have really got a lot of chips if he had a hand.

RM: Do you have a strategy going into the day?

DR: Yeah, pretty similar to other days but I’m just going to try see a lot of flops now that the blinds are cheap and everyone has a lot of big blinds, so stacks are pretty deep right now. So, see flops and try make some good hands, hopefully play better post flop than they do.

RM: Do you alter your game a lot as the blinds increase?

DR: Yeah you have to. I definitely do. Once the blinds get a lot bigger almost everyone alters their game. You can’t see as many flops, otherwise you’d just be bleeding your chips. It depends on if I’ve a big stack I’ll try play a lot of hands still, but once you get deep deep, the average in most tournament poker usually is like less than 30 big blinds so it’s kinda tightens up a little.

RM: What do you think of the field here?

DR: I’m really happy about it. There isn’t a televised table, there’s not many sponsored players, so you can imagine if you’re a sponsored pro and you get bought into all these tournaments every year you’re not going to come to the one where you’re not bought in so almost all those players aren’t here. There was a big tournament in  Vegas last week so a lot of the players were there so it’s more of a local field, and not so many seasoned pros so it’s really good.

RM: Have you been travelling a lot lately then?

DR: Yeah I have, probably a tournament every three weeks or something. It’s fun, like every time I wake up I’m in a different country and that’s really cool but it gets a little hard being on the road so much because it’s kinda nice when you wake up and you’re in your house, and you don’t have to pack a bag or anything.

RM: Have you been to Hungary before?

DR: I’ve never been here before. The sun was down last night when I landed so I haven’t seen much but I’m definitely gonna check it out tomorrow on my day off. It looks beautiful.

RM: What do you think about the EPT coming to Hungary, do you like when it comes to different places?

DR: Yeah, I love it. I love coming to different places because I mean if you go to the same places over and over it’s not as fun as something new.

RM: What’s your favourite EPT?

DR: Before this, my favourite EPT was Warsaw. I like when the hotel and the casino are together just like the Budapest one, so we’ll see this could become my favorite. I guess my favorite favorite is Copenhagen because that’s where I got a final table ... nah Warsaw is really fun, but we’ll see, this one seems cool.

RM: Do you have drastically different styles online and live?

DR: Yeah they are drastically different. Mostly because online you have like eight different tables up at the same time. Well, not everyone, but I do. I can’t be noticing all the details unfortunately so I try and play a little tighter, try not get in as many pots, because  if I’m in a lot of pots then every table would be so hard to concentrate on. So, you end up playing premium hands.

RM: Which do you prefer?

DR: I prefer live but it’s hard to explain. I like the style of it and I enjoy it more, but I like online and the fact that you can have eight tournaments still alive at the same time, so if you lose you’re still alive, and you might be deep in two or three at the same time. Whereas live, it’s a whole other flight, hotel ... pack your suitcase. A bad streak live can be like half a year, but a bad streak online can be seven days .

RM: That doesn’t really happen you though, does it?

DR: Not too much, I’ve been doing really well.

RM: So, what’s the main ambition now?

DR: First.

RM: In this?

DR: Yeah. First!

RM: Are you playing any other EPTs?

DR: I’m probably going to skip one tournament before Christmas just because there will be like three or four tournaments in Europe also, and then I’m flying to North Dakota where my family live for Christmas, and then the Bahamas after that. So, just to chill out I’ll probably skip one, but I’m not too sure which one yet.

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