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WSOP: Michael Banducci Wins Event No. 5

Banducci Plays His Game at the Final Table and Ends Things How He Began - With the Chip Lead


When things began at the final table of the $1,000 no-limit hold’em rebuy tournament, Michael Banducci held the chip lead, and athough many players would steal that lead periodically during the next 10 hours, only one player held it again at the end — Banducci. He won his first gold bracelet at 23 years of age by outlasting a field of 765 other entrants who rebought 2,258 times. Banducci took home $636,736 in prize money.

Here is a look at the chip counts when cards got into the air:

Michael Banducci — 1,500,000
Alan Jaffray — 1,150,000
Lyric Duveyoung — 700,000
Peter Gould — 670,000
Jeff Williams — 640,000
Jamie Rosen — 490,000
Jonathan Aguiar — 386,000
Steve Gross — 170,000
Michael Binger — 152,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Double Elimination on Hand 5: Steve Gross Eliminated in Ninth place ($57,881);
Jamie Rosen Eliminated in Eighth Place ($79,587)

The first four hands of the night consisted of single-raise steals, while it was the fifth hand that brought us the first two eliminations. Peter Gould had the button when Steve Gross moved all in from the short-stack for 104,000. Jamie Rosen re-shoved behind him for 421,000, and Lyric Duveyoung came over the top and moved all in behind them for a total of 605,000. It was a three-way all in, and Duveyoung had them both covered.

Gross: K 10
Rosen: A Q
Duveyoung: Q Q

Board: 10 9 3 9 5

Duveyoung’s pocket queens held up, and he eliminated two players in the same hand. Steve Gross was eliminated in ninth place ($57,881), while Jamie Rosen was eliminated in eighth place ($79,587). Rosen, of course, grabbed the eighth-place spot because he was all in with more chips.

Michael BingerMichael Binger Eliminated in Seventh Place ($101,293)

Michael Binger moved all in from the small blind for 156,000 and Jeff Williams made the call.

Binger: A J
Williams: K 8

Board: K 10 6 6 8

Binger got it in with the best hand, but Williams hit top pair on the flop, while Binger made a gut-shot straight draw. The turn and river brought no help to either player, and Michael Binger became our seventh-place finisher, earning himself $101,293.

Online Table?

Most of the players left at the final table are Internet young guns, although you couldn’t tell by the pace of eliminations. The first eight hands were quite eventful, with Steve Gross, Jamie Rosen, and Michael Binger hitting the rail in succession. But here we are 50 hands in still playing sixhanded poker.

Jonathan Aguiar Eliminated in Sixth Place ($130,234)

Jonathan Aguiar Aguiar was on a short stack of 113,000, and he shipped that into the middle of the table. He was called down by Jeff Williams:

Aguiar: A 7
Williams: K J

Board: 10 8 5 8 J

Aguiar was eliminated on the hand, and he took home $130,234 in prize money.

Alan Jaffray Eliminated in Fifth Place ($164,963)

Michael Banducci raised to 80,000 peflop, and Alan Jaffray reraised to 220,000. Banducci reraised all in, and Jaffray made the all-in call. The players then revealed their hands:

Banducci: Q Q
Jaffray: A Q

Board: Q 9 2 9 A

Jaffray was eliminated on the hand, and he took home $164,963 in prize money.

Lyric Duveyoung Eliminated in Fourth Place ($201,139)

Peter Gould raised to 155,000 preflop, and Lyric Duveyoung reraised all in for his last 590,000. Gould made the call, and they turned up their hands:

Gould: K 10
Duveyoung: Q J

Board: 10 7 6 K 5

Duveyoung is eliminated in fourth place, and he will take home $201,139 in prize money.

Jeff Williams
Jeff “yellowsub86” Wiliams Doubles Up

Michael Banducci raised to 140,000, and Jeff Williams reraised all in for 740,000. Banducci made the call, and they turned up their hands:

Williams: 3 3
Gould: A J

Board: Q849Q

Williams doubled up on the hand to survive, and he now has 1.5 million.

Jeff Williams Doubles Up Again

Williams opened a pot for 120,000 about 20 hands later, and Gould reraised all in. Williams made an all-in call, and they revealed their cards:

Williams: A 9
Gould: A 10

Board: 9 5 3 K 6

Williams doubled up once again, and action is still threehanded.

Jeff Williams Doubles up a Third Time

Jeff Williams moved all in, and Peter Gould made the call. They then fipped up their cards:

Williams: A 9
Gould: 5 5

Board: 9 8 7 9 3

Williams doubled up on the hand to 1.5 million.

Peter Gould Doubles Up

Three hands later Williams moved all in again, and this time Gould made an all-in call. They then revealed their hands:

Williams: K 4
Gould: 5 5 (exact same hand as three hands prior)

Board: J 10 8 J 9

Gould returned the favor to Williams and doubled up to survive.

Peter Gould Eliminated in Third Place ($245,993)

Michael Banducci raised to 100,000 preflop, and Gould reraised to 480,000. Banducci moved all in and Gould made the all-in call. The two players then revealed their cards:

Gould: 10 10
Banducci: 7 7

Board: J 9 7 2 5

Gould was eliminated in thrid place, and he took home $245,993 in prize money. For the second time of the summer, an English man has come close to a bracelet and had it slip away.Michael Banducci

Michael Banducci Wins Event No. 5 ($636,736)

Jeff Williams raised to 130,000 preflop, and Michael Banducci reraised to 400,000. Williams moved all in, and Banducci made the call. They then flipped up their cards:

Banducci: A J
Williams: A 5

Board: K J 2 10 3

Banducci led from to start to finish with his dominating hand, and he won his first gold bracelet, along with $636,736. Williams finished in second place and took home $406,330 for the runner-up finish. Banducci’s band of supporters went ballistic as he clinched the bracelet and ended the tournament.