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Player Reports Confiscated Funds Of $700K At PartyPoker

Incident Revolves Around Document ‘Error’


A recent report in early February on the 2 + 2 poker forums detailed an alleged confiscation of more than $700,000 by PartyPoker. The incident has left many questions with a document error blamed as the reason for the confiscation, according to the player.

“On February 6, a 2+2 user posting under the handle ‘Exodus944’ took to the platform’s ‘News, Views, and Gossip’ forum to detail a harrowing experience involving the confiscation of over $700,000 in winnings from his PartyPoker account — making it one of the biggest confiscations in recent history,” PokerFuse reports.

Details On The Incident

The poster detailed the funds were removed after he won a million-dollar payout in a $100 Spins (a jackpot-style sit-and-go game). “Exodus944” alleged the funds were taken arbitrarily after the company asserted that the user violated the conditions surrounding the use of allegedly forged documents.

“Exodus944” said he lived in a legal country as outlined by the site and only later learned that the documents were viewed as invalid.

“Despite repeated requests for evidence and clarification, the player alleges that the room failed to provide satisfactory explanations for their actions,” PokerFuse noted.

The Romanian player said he now lives in Ireland. However, after moving to the country to play in 2021, the player “inadvertently submitted an electricity bill from a friend’s premises, albeit in his own name.” That error then resurfaced after winning the Spins event. After winning, he cashed out $300,000 and left the remaining $700,000 in his account. Those funds were later seized after the document was discovered.

“Exodus944” said the operator indicated it would release the remaining funds if new documentation was provided. He contends that he then sent that in but didn’t receive the funds.

Some 2 + 2 users expressed support for the player’s cause, while others expressed concerns that “Exodus944” may not have been telling the entire story and that perhaps he had been using a VPN to play from a restricted location. Others believed PartyPoker accepted the document initially and shouldn’t now take the funds after discovering the error after the fact.

Online gaming operators regularly confiscate funds from players they suspect may not be playing in a legal jurisdiction. PartyPoker hasn’t responded publicly to the controversy.