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Sportsbook BetOnline Refunds 'Over' Prop Bets After Indicted President Donald Trump Self-Reports His Weight

Trump Claims To Weigh Only 215 Pounds Before Taking Mug Shot


The 45th President Of The United States credit: Fulton County Sherriff's OfficeWhile much of the world was curious to see how Donald Trump would appear in his mug shot after surrendering himself to Fulton County Jail in Georgia, there was a group of gamblers who were more interested in how much the four-time indicted former President weighed.

Trump, who has repeatedly fat shamed a number of his political opponents, has historically been coy about his own weight. While he was in office the President claimed to be 236 pounds, which was questioned by most of the medical community.

However, Trump’s White House physician claimed that the former reality TV star was actually 239 pounds, conveniently just below the threshold for medical obesity.

That didn’t deter the sportsbooks from setting a much more aggressive line, with BetOnline taking over/under bets on 278.5 pounds.

The site also took wagers on whether or not Trump would smile in his mug shot, wear a MAGA hat, and even what shade of orange he would appear to be.

While most of the smart money was on Trump being north of 300 pounds, reports came in that the President was not weighed, and instead claimed to be 215 pounds.

BetOnline was not convinced, and decided to refund all the bets for everyone who took the over, while simultaneously paying out all the winners who took the under.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to journalists’ request for comment on the source of the numbers, but some experts have speculated that Trump was allowed to self-report his height and weight as part of his surrender negotiations.

Gamblers can still also bet on whether the 77-year-old will serve jail time this year, and the number of guilty counts for each of his four indictments.

Trump, now known as inmate no. PO1135809, faces 13 criminal counts in Georgia and four criminal counts in a federal indictment related to his efforts to overturn the election. He must also deal with 40 charges for mishandling of classified documents and 34 felony counts regarding hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Earlier this summer, Trump referred to fellow Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie as a “fat pig.” Christie responded, saying Trump “should look in a mirror” while mocking him for avoiding a televised debate.

After his arrest, Trump shared his own mug shot on Twitter, now known as X, asking his supporters for donations for his criminal defense fund. Instead, Card Player recommends signing up for BetOnline. New players are eligible for a welcome freeroll and a 100 percent deposit bonus up to $1,000.